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Updates about custom crush services.

Make Sparkling Wine or Still Wine At Rack & Riddle!

Rack & Riddle, based in the heart of Sonoma wine country, is a custom crush facility with an incredible team of professionals experienced in both still and sparkling winemaking. Together the resulting winery combines small wine production needs with those of mid- and large production. Programs include:

Sparkling Private Label Wine:
-Personal consultation to create your branded sparkling wine blend       
-Responsive service and streamlined order process
-Méthode Champenoise private label sparkling wines, call us for availability 707-433-8400

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Sparkling Wine Custom Crush:
-Make sparkling wine (Méthode Champenoise) from your base wine or grapes
-Rack & Riddle can tirage bottle, age, disgorge and then label your wine
-Both Wet Glue and Pressure Sensitive labeling capabilities

◆ Still Wine Custom Crush & Bottling Contracts:
-We'll work within your protocol to create an outstanding finished product
-Customized bottling or labeling services, or any step in the winemaking process you may need

Rack & Riddle's winemakers consistently win GOLD MEDALS and BEST OF CLASS in the most prestigious tastings!

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Check out our video of Executive Director of Winemaking Penny Gadd-Coster explaining our services: