Custom Crush & Wine Services

Need to produce premium wines for your brand? How about superior still or sparkling wine (méthode Champenoise) from your own grapes or from our stock? Looking for grape to bottle processing, base to bottle processing, or just want us to finish your wines?

We invite you to take a look around our site to find what interests you—everything from our capabilities to details about our team to downloadable forms and custom crush client resources where you can request samples, lab work or a quote:

Want a behind-the-scenes view of Rack & Riddle's custom crush facility or just to learn more about the sparkling winemaking practices utilized by our team of award-winning winemakers? Give us a call or email to schedule your personal winery tour! 707-433-8400

Harvest 2016 is in full swing! Watch our webinar all about custom crush for still and méthode Champenoise wines. Get insider tips on when to pick your sparkling wine grapes and much more from Rack & Riddle's Executive Director of Winemaking Penny Gadd-Coster.

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    Crushing & Fermenting

    Crushing & Fermenting

    • Dedicated pumpover pump per tank
    • Closed tank Diemme lateral membrane presses
    • Temperature-controlled tanks
    • Hand-sorting table
    • Whole cluster pressing
    • Macro bin rental


    Sparkling Wine Production

    Full-service méthode Champenoise sparkling wine production at Rack & Riddle ensures your wine is in the best of hands from start to finish. Here's what we offer so you can make sparkling wine a part of your product line!

    Production from grape to bottle:

         From receiving your grapes and crushing, to fermenting in the 
         old-world méthode Champenoise style, we'll transform your
         grapes into a superior sparkling wine.

    Production from base to bottle:

         With the guidance of our expert winemakers, you can make
         sparkling wine from base to bottle. Rack and Riddle
         can tirage bottle, age, disgorge and then label your wine.

    Riddling and disgorging

    Sparkling shiners (private label wine):

         Add a new profit center to your tasting room or business with a
         sparkling private label wine!

         Minimum order 3 pallets (132 cases)

    Barrel Services

    Barrel Services

    • Barrel fermentation
    • Barrel storage
    • Monthly barrel analysis
    • Barrel rental
    • Lees stirring
    • General barrel services:
    •      topping
    •      racking
    •      additions
    • Steam or ozone barrel sanitation



    Bottling Services

    Bottling Services

    • Bottling and disgorging
    • 150 bottle-per-minute Bertolaso still bottling line
      • -32 valve bottle filler
      • -6 head corker
      • -5 head screwcap spinner
      • Robino & Galandrino 10 head capsule spinner
      • Cavagnino & Gatti pressure sensitive labeler
    • Bertolaso line has fully adjustable change parts throughout to fit majority of bottle molds on the market. Format capability includes 750ml bottles with 375ml capability coming soon.
    • Complete sparkling production lines
      • Wet glue and pressure sensitive labeling lines for your sparkling wines
    Cellar Services

    Cellar Services

    • Temperature-controlled stainless storage 
    • Filtration services:
    •      crossflow
    •      lees filter
    •      cartridge
    • Cold and heat stabilization services
    • Micro ox


    • General BATF/ABC
    • Alternating propietorship
    • Label registration
    • CCOF organic certification
    Lab Services

    Lab Services

    • State-of-the-art, full-service lab
    • Foss wine scan with So2
    • PH/TA auto titrator
    • UV-VIS spectrophotometer
    • Alcolyzer
    • DMA
    • Heat/cold stability analysis
    • Pre/post bottle micro plating