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Private Label Wine

Rack & Riddle Executive Director of Winemaking Penny Gadd-Coster leads a team of six winemakers/enologists who are dedicated to sparkling winemaking in the traditional method. A private label wine from our program means your brand can offer a premium sparkling wine label that pairs perfectly with any occasion (or food!) and has an enduring shelf life.

Rack & Riddle’s limited-release white label wines are hand-crafted from select grapes using the traditional French method, méthode Champenoise. Gadd-Coster, a renowned winemaker with more than 30 years of experience in sparkling winemaking, was named “Winemaker of the Year” in the inaugural Wine Industry Awards for the Napa and Sonoma winemaking regions.

Please call our Business Develoment Team at 707-433-8400 for more information. 


Private Label Wine at Rack & Riddle – Sparkling Winemaking | Privately Labeled Wine

Rack & Riddle’s Sparkling Private Label Wine Program Includes:

Private Label Wine Company – Sparkling Winemaking | Private Label Wine Supplier


◆  Personal consultation with our winemakers to create your branded sparkling wine blend      

◆  Wines produced by winemakers who consistently win GOLD MEDALS and BEST OF CLASS in the most prestigious tastings

◆  Responsive service and streamlined order process: you provide us your brand labels and we ship within two weeks

◆  Méthode Champenoise private label sparkling wines - call us for available varietals!

Call or email Business Development Associate Monica Smith for sparkling wine pricing & availability:



Award-Winning Private Label WineAward-winning private label sparkling wines from Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services

Rack & Riddle's private label sparkling wines (also known as "shiners" in the industry) have won dozens of awards for a host of wine brands, including these top honors in the past year alone: Best of Class, Double Gold, Gold, and Sweepstakes awards.

All these awards (and more than 100 additional awards over the past few years) were garnered for just four base varietals of bubbly, made unique via differing times en tirage, and custom dosage trials. You can rest assured a Rack & Riddle privately labeled wine will truly be your very own!



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