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August 31, 2015 | Custom Crush, Private Label Wine, Sparkling winemaking, Winemaking | Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services

How to Launch a New Sparkling Wine Brand by the Holidays

Imagine rolling out your own brand’s méthode Champenoise sparkling wine in time for the holidays. A bubbly with a branded label is perfect for your company’s parties, holiday promotion, customer gifts, or employee gifts. By starting now, you can launch a new bubbly in time for December! Such a fast turn-around time is possible in the private label wine “shiner” program here at Rack & Riddle. Our customizable offerings include a selection of award-winning sparkling wines; differing aging times en tirage and a custom dosage option ensures your wine is truly unique for your brand.

Clients can expect to profit as much as 50 percent or more with a private label bubbly (depending on the retail price they decide upon). With sparkling wine growing ever more popular and sales far outpacing still wine, now is the ideal time to carve your niche in this lucrative market.

Here are some tips and a general timeline to keep in mind when pursuing a private label bubbly project.

Steps to Place Your Order
1). Contact Rack & Riddle to request the latest sparkling wine availability sheet and request samples. When your team has tasted and selected your bubbly, request a quote. Once the quote is signed and deposit made, your wine order is secured! We’ll send you the wine technical data so you can get started thinking about the information to include on your label design, and start writing your wine (or brand) description for your back label. Now is also a great time to start a marketing plan for your new bubbly!
2) Submit your completed New Customer Application (only for customers who haven’t ordered before).
3) Complete our DBA letter template to be added on our basic permit. This is standard procedure for any custom crush/private label order, and required of all clients so you can print labels stating your own business name on the “produced by” line.
4) Submit a completed Shiner Spec Sheet with information like foil color you would like, and any special instructions for your project’s labeling.

Prepping Your Label Artwork
Start your label design process early with a graphic designer, preferably one who is familiar with designing wine labels. Never designed a wine label before? No problem. We have a compliance specialist on-staff who will provide guidelines and get you all set. Check out our Sparkling Label Spec Sheet for recommended label printers.  But remember, don’t get your labels printed until you have a COLA (certificate of label approval), which we will submit for you.

Submitting for Label Approval
Once your label artwork is finished, you’ll email us the jpegs to submit for the COLA on your behalf. Keep your eye on the TTB’s processing times, as they vary. Right now, as of this publication, it’s taking the TTB 23 days to review and approve wine labels. Let your label printing company know the expected COLA date – they can get you scheduled for printing as soon as you have the COLA.

Printing Your Labels
When your COLA comes through, we’ll email it to you. Now you can print your labels! It often takes a label printing company two weeks’ turn-around, so it’s wise to get on their production schedule early.

Labeling Your Project
After your labels are printed, ship them to us and we’ll get your project on our production schedule for labeling. A sparkling private label project is typically scheduled for labeling within two to four weeks after we receive your labels. If you want to label and/or foil off-site and take your wine as “shiners” (unlabeled) you certainly can! There’s a spot to let us know that on your Shiner Spec Sheet.

Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services hand-labeling a clients' private label sparkling wine.

Watch Your Order be Completed
Once you have your production date for labeling, you can contact us if you’d like to come to the facility to watch the magic happen! Next, your labeled bottles are placed in sturdy upright white wine cases, ready to ship. Congratulations on your new sparkling wine brand!

We hope this information is helpful as you consider launching your own branded bubbly. For more information about Rack & Riddle’s programs or to schedule a tour for a behind-the-scenes look at our production facilities, please don’t hesitate to call us at 707-433-8400.

Pictured: Rack & Riddle's business development team members hand-labeling advance cases for a clients' private label sparkling wine.




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