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Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services
May 21, 2015 | Custom Crush, Methode Champenoise, Riddling Machine, Sparkling winemaking, Winemaking | Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services

The Meaning Behind Rack & Riddle’s Name and Logo

We are often asked to tell the story of how Rack & Riddle’s name came to be. It originated during the planning phases of R&R, with a few of the original eight team members (most of whom are still with us today, eight years later) brainstorming and coming up with the ingenious “Rack & Riddle” – a nod to the fact that we specialize in both still and sparkling winemaking.

“Rack” alludes to the process of removing sediment from still wine while “riddle” is the counterpart process for sparkling wine. The Rack & Riddle brand logo reflects this in its imagery of a historic French riddling rack, and we have a few of these historic racks around the facilities—a nice, constant reminder of the history behind the age-old méthode champenoise sparkling winemaking method employed here at R&R.

Today, riddling is not as laborious a task as twisting each bottle incrementally on a wooden rack. But the process is just as involved and complex.

Check out this video of riddling taking place in one of our very own, custom-designed VLMs (which stands for “Very Large Machine” which periodically shifts the bottles over a period of three to seven days until the lees rest in the neck and are ready to be disgorged:


Each of these machines is able to riddle 8 cages each holding 576 sparkling wine bottles. So, each riddling machine can riddle 4608 bottles at once! At approximately four pounds per bottle, that's 18,432 pounds.

We’d love to share more of our story and let you experience the magic of sparkling winemaking firsthand. Click to contact us and request a winery tour!


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