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Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services
July 1, 2009 | Riddling Machine, Winemaking | Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services

The New Riddling Machines Progress

Sparkling winemaking is a complex process -- learn the intricacies of the age-old methode champenoise winemaking style which involves riddling the bottles before disgorgement. These labor-intensive processes at Rack & Riddle allows us to create the best sparkling wines available on the market today!

Stan and Lisa are looking over the assembly operation taking place here at Rack & Riddle. Keep posted for a demonstration of these machines at work! It's amazing to think that these machines will be able to riddle 8 cages each. Each cage can hold 576 sparkling wine bottles. So, each riddling machine will able to riddle 4608 bottles at once! At approx. 4 pounds each, that's 18,432 pounds per machine!! This is some machine!


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