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Winery Shiner Program

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Add value and fun to your winery guest experience by serving a beautifully crafted private-label Méthode Champenoise sparkling wine in your tasting room. Our sparkling wines deliver an experience of tiny, effervecscent bubbles, creamy mouthfeel and elegant fruit that makes for a popular tasting room or wine club offering.

Great for your winery events, wine club options, and retail room, bubbles are known for signaling that a memorable time is about to happen.

Produced from the finest Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Napa Valley, and California appellations, our bubbly can be modified with custom dosage to enhance sweetness levels to your liking.

Shiners, Ready for Your Label!

Our private-label shiners are the quickest way to enter the sparkling wine space. Our portfolio of award-winning California sparkling wines are tirage bottled, ready for disgorging and your label! We’re a fully-automated winery, doing all production, bottling and labeling in-house!

We have four varietals to choose from:

Brut  •Blanc de Blancs  •Blanc de Noirs  •Sparkling Rosé

Contact us to find out how we can help quickly and efficiently get sparkling on your wine menu.

Private-Label Wine

For Retailers

Private-Label Wines Deliver Big Profits

Discover a rising customer fan base with premium private-label sparkling wines that generate profit margins of 50-55%!

Savvy consumers are seeking premium quality wines they can purchase at an attractive price-point. It’s a highly lucrative market, growing rapidly in popularity.

Now is the time to carve out your store-branded space in bubbly.


Profit Margins


Profits Over Branded

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Wine Portfolio Expansion for


When you add private-label sparkling wines to your portfolio, it opens the door for you to influence buyers with your very own product, and drive more sales. Sales pitching can fall flat without the right supply. Why not entice buyers with a popular product that adds a little sparkle to your presentation?

Our award-winning California sparkling shiners are awaiting you to make them a part of your wine portfolio.

Crafted by

Award Winning Winemakers

Executive Director of Winemaking, Penny Gadd-Coster, and Head Winemaker, Manveer Sandhu, lead our award-winning, innovative team of winemakers and enologists.

Our in-house team will help you develop and achieve the finest, limited-release private-label sparkling wines available.

Our private-label sparkling program unlocks the ability for licensed wineries, restaurants and retailers and distributors to create their own branded sparkling wine blend, without the costly overhead and investment in production equipment, processes and staffing.

Penny Gadd-Coster

Executive Director of Winemaking

The sparkling wine sector has seen notable growth over the last three years. We’ll help you execute a branded product initiative that will entice your consumers to purchase your sparkling wines with regularity and confidence. Get in touch with me to learn more!

Cynthia Faust

Business Development Manager

Sparkling Wine Production

How it works

Infographic depicting "How Sparkling Wine is Made." Continue scrolling for an accessible version.


Grapes are picked early for high acidity and low sugars — typically at 17-20 brix. 


Grape Juice fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks until wine is dry.


Wine ages on the “lees” for at least six months to years, depending on client protocol. 


Sugar and yeast is added. Wine is then tirage-bottled. Second fermentation occurs in the bottle. 


The process of transferring wine bottles to riddling bins, riddling and resting takes 3-4 weeks. 


Lees are frozen in the neck of the bottle and popped out. Dosage (optional) is added at this time. 


Wine bottles are then corked, caged, foiled, labeled and packed.

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