Napa Valley Register features Rack & Riddle in article about the uptick in Sparkling Wine production

Feb 16, 2022

We’re excited to be featured in the February 10, 2022 Napa Valley Register article, titled, “Sparkling Wine: Why Bubbles? Why now?” Journalist Bob Ecker interviewed several regional wineries to discuss how and why they’ve delved into the sparkling wine segment to boost sales and offerings. Rack & Riddle’s General Manager, Mark Garaventa, is interviewed.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Given the extra time, expense, and specialized equipment required to make sparkling wine, many wineries turn to a company like Rack and Riddle in Sonoma County, one of the largest producers of sparkling wine in America.

General manager Mark Garaventa said they “give the winery the ability to add another wine to their portfolio that they don’t have the ability to produce themselves, either from their own fruit sources or a shiner from Rack and Riddle inventory. This gives a winery an opportunity to capture additional revenue they have not received previously.”

Schug Winery, based in Sonoma’s Carneros region, began making sparkling wines back in 1987. Today, Schug’s winemaker, Johannes Scheid said, “We make the base wine in-house, however, (we) don’t have the equipment for tirage and disgorging and therefore do this at Rack and Riddle. As much as we all enjoy making and drinking bubbles, it, unfortunately, doesn’t make economic sense.”

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