Production Planner

Job Description:

Responsible for planning and aligning Rack & Riddle bottling schedule to meet needs of clients. This position will coordinate with Winemaking, Business Development, Logistics and Warehousing. The Production Planner will be responsible for communicating with clients and verifying availability of required packaging materials to meet bottling needs. This position will also be responsible for purchasing activities such as: identifying purchasing needs, suppliers, researching goods and services, processing purchase orders, and verifying delivered items to support bottling operations.

Primary Duties:

•  Creates and maintains a Bottling Plan based on customer requirements and material availability to optimize efficiency for all phases of the operation.
•  Responsible for setting up items, bill of materials, routings and production orders in Net Suite for planned bottling.
•  Prepares shop floor documentation (production packets).
•  Works with warehouse team to validate packaging prior to bottling.
•  Works with Winemaking and Cellar departments to validate wine readiness.
•  Collects and validates completed shop floor documentation; posts transactions to Net Suite and tracking reports; archives information.
•  Timely communication of post-production data to internal (Business Development, Finance, Winemaking) and external customers.
•  Develop long range plans based on sales projections for evaluating capacity.
•  Makes recommendations and collaborates with Winemaking, Cellar, Warehousing, Suppliers, and Business •  •  Development in the planning and coordination of all production activities to ensure optimum efficiency and quality.
•  Works with warehouse supervisor to manage packaging inventories (pre & post use).
•  Purchases needed materials to meet bottling demands.
•  Promptly addresses and resolves production issues to minimize delays in production.
•  Coordinates production operations in accordance with material, labor, and equipment availability.
•  Works with Maintenance on scheduled and unscheduled downtime to meet production demand.
•  Promptly informs relevant departments of changes to current production schedules.
•  Develop status and performance reports, submitting them to management in a timely manner.
•  Demonstrates leadership and professionalism and serves as a role model.
•  Embraces and acts as a role model for a company culture that strives for a safe and teamwork-oriented environment that focuses on customer gratification by delivering high quality goods and service.
•  Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Purchasing Duties:
•  Researching and comparing suppliers, goods, and services.
•  Selecting the most suitable suppliers in terms of reliability, product quality, and cost-efficiency.
•  Monitoring inventory levels and determining purchase needs.
•  Developing reports to identify quantity and timing for purchasing wine packaging based on long range bottling plan. These reports may need to be created external by the company ERP system.
•  Leverage NetSuite to develop planning reports where applicable.
•  Developing reports to determine total landed costs for key materials.
•  Preparing and processing purchase orders.
•  Maintaining records of all transactions, purchase orders, receipts, and payments.
•  Scheduling and verifying purchase deliveries.
•  Developing reports to assist in budgeting and accounting.

•  Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, business management, or related field is preferred.
•  Minimum of 3 years of production planning experience
•  Experienced in production planning software and ERP systems.
•  Sound knowledge of material requirements planning (MRP) and related software.
•  Well rounded knowledge of major aspects of production, scheduling workflow and capacity planning.
•  Familiar with winemaking software and TTB compliance.
•  Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications.
•  Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) accreditation or other relevant certification is advantageous.
•  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
•  Excellent organizational and time management skills.
•  Effective communication skills.

$10,000 hiring bonus. $5,000 paid upon hire, $5,000 paid after 6 months.

Rack & Riddle is a drug-free workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Job Posted: Friday, April 7th
Type of Work: Full Time
Job Level: Senior
Hiring Bonus: $10000
Compensation: $66,000 – $80,000/year


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