Sparkling Wine Label Specifications

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Label Dimension Specs
For Healdsburg Location

wet glue labels

Neck Label

Yes — Wet Glue Labels can have neck label.


Exact Dimensions Need To Be:

  • Neck: 6.7″W x 2.69″H
  • Front: 4.375″W x 2.375″H
  • Back: 3.375″W x 2.375″H

Die Lines

Yes — Die lines available. For information, contact:

Pressure sensitive labels

No symbol.

Neck Label

NO — Pressure Sensitive Labels cannot have a neck label.

Illustration of front and back label.

Front & Back

Separate front & back label rolls required. Labels should be: Position 7 — Off Right.

illustration of a roll of labels with measurement specifications.


  • Max Roll Core: 3″
  • Max Roll Outside Diameter (OD): 12.5″
  • Label Size Max: 3.5″W x 3.25”H

Choosing Your Labels
Important information

We highly recommend that you choose from the following paper stocks for your sparkling wine labeling. If you choose to use materials outside these recommendations, we will not be held responsible for scrap, wrinkling or bubbling, scuffing or tearing. Customers may be charged for downtime resulting in use of materials not recommended.

Our production team strongly strongly advises that all label designers confer with the label production companies to ensure designs will work with materials chosen.

We request at least 100 extra labels (can be blanks) for set up of your particular run (no matter how small or large the run size).

For pressure sensitive labels, we requests 6-7’ of extra web before the first label, and 6-7’ of extra web at the end of the roll after the last label as well.

All-black labels are not recommended however a UV coating has been shown to reduce scuffing.

All sparkling wine products labeled at our facility must follow the dimension specs shown above. NOTE:  We can accommodate Pressure Sensitive front and back labels paired with a Wet Glue necker.

Pressure Sensitive Labels
Recommended paper & suppliers

Image of LabelTronix logo

Eric Shepard
(714) 363-4100


Any high-performance “Arctic Shield” label materials.

Labeltronix offers a wide array of high-end label materials, including their water resistant Arctic Shield materials.

Beyond material, Labeltronix ensures precision printing on your labels that can be enhanced with embellishments like foils, sculptured embossing and screen high build.

Labeltronix has been recognized with countless awards for its high-quality label printing.

image of Paragon Label's logo

Greg Mackie
(707) 773-4363 ext. 191

We recommend Wausau-coated papers. The following have a white under-laminate on the adhesive side of the label, and are ideal for ice bucket performance:

Two highly recommended Wausau-coated paper options:

70# Bright White Felt Ever Opaque

Estate #8 Ever Opaque

Other option (not recommended as highly):

Avery Dennison (Fasson)

Image of Multi-Color Global Label Solutions logo

Stephanie Mickelson

Recommended: Wet Performance papers with good application for offet/flexo (paper/adhesive/liner):

Estate #8/AT20/1.2PET line

Killer White/Z1010/1.2 mil liner — BEST peformer

Bright White Felt with weld barrier. Thicker and more textured. May have higher order minimums.

ASL Print FX logo

Travis Pollard


Glacier Plus

Digital Printing (smaller quantities); Foil stamping, embossing, silk screen

Flexo Printing (larger quantities); Up to 12 colors, Foil stamping, embossing, rotary silk screen

Wet Glue Paper Labels

Recommended Suppliers

Image of Multi-Color Global Label Solutions logo

Stephanie Mickelson

Recommended: Wet-strength treated sheet fed/wet glue:


Estate #8

Materials using Z3338 adhesive recommended for wet glue.

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