Beards and Bubbles Bountiful at Harvest Time

Dec 1, 2020

“Fear the Beard” Contest 2020

Grapes weren’t the only thing growing to maturity for 202o’s harvest. Rack & Riddle’s now annual “Fear the Beard” contest among staff provided some brawny fun among the men on the team.

The contest commenced on August 7 (ending October 28) when seven fearless —and beardless — men took on the challenge to out-whisker the competition. No easy task in a year of PPE face masks on the job.

If there is a Brix measuring equivalent for judging beard quality, Rack & Riddle will someday find it. Until then, it was a good, old-fashioned “vote” for the winner. And, we promise, there were no contested fuzzy results or recounts. There were no whiners behind these whiskers.

The bearded champs will receive their well-groomed trophies on December 18.

Meet the scruffy Players:

Grand Harvest Beard Championship Winner

Josh McCarthy - Photo

Josh McCarthy
Assistant Winemaker

Best Mustache Winner

Manveer Sandhu - photo

Manveer Sandhu
Director of Winemaking

Old College Try Winner

Jarid Whaley - photo

Jarid Whaley
Data Entry/Inventory Specialist

Honorable Mentions…

Bruce Lundquist - photo

Bruce Lundquist
Managing Partner

Gabe Markowitz - photo

Gabe Markowitz
Account Executive

Jon Rickards - photo

Jon Rickards
Vice President of Finance & Manufacturing

Taylor Berry - photo

Taylor Berry
Lab Technician