Premium Private-Label Wines Quickly Becoming a Standard Bearer

Nov 11, 2018

Rack & Riddle — A Leader in Private-Label Sparkling Wines

Beauty shot of Rack & Riddle sparkling wines with cheese and wine glassHealdsburg, Calif. (November 11, 2018) — In the past year, there has been significant industry buzz about private-label products exceeding sales expectations. Growth trajectories forecast private-label products surpassing all branded product tiers — and premium wines are at the top of that list. Rack & Riddle, a national leader in custom-produced sparkling wines and a perennial favorite for custom wine services in Northern California, has been at the forefront of the private-label wine sector since 2007. They bottle top-selling sparkling wine for some of the nation’s largest retailers and wineries.

Rack & Riddle sets the gold standard in premium private-label California sparkling wines crafted in the true Méthode Champenoise technique — the traditional French method where the bubbly undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in the highest caliber of wine. Rack & Riddle continually wins prestigious awards for taste and quality, and anticipates rave reviews for it newly released California Brut Sparkling Wine. This varietal partnered with a strategic store brand is sure to impress shoppers with its taste, quality and attractive price-point.

Why Private-label Sparkling Wine?

Today’s savvy consumers are demanding more value-based premium products and private-label sparkling wines are high on that list. According to The Beverage Information Group’s 2018 Wine Handbook, “Consumers have discovered that sparkling wines are not just for special occasions and rosés are not just for warm weather.” These days, a $10-15 bottle of premium private-label sparkling wine, often receives the same rave reviews as high-end branded counterparts. Consumers see and taste the value of purchasing lower priced private-label product with the same high quality.

Costco and Sam’s Club aren’t the only retailers vying for sales in the private-label marketplace. Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and even 7-Eleven have recently jumped aboard the private-label wine train. In fact, there is a current trend toward private-label wine blends (both still and sparkling) because retailers are seeing a 50-55% profit margin vs. 30-35% on branded, according to Wine Industry Advisor. Rack & Riddle has mastered the production of custom-blended premium private-label sparkling wines.

“Our Sparkling Winemaking Team — led by Penny Gadd-Coster — continues to win numerous industry awards in both private-label and branded wine competitions. This is an exciting time for sparkling wines, with notable growth during the last three years. Rack & Riddle is ready to help you execute your sparkling wine product initiatives and to make your brand the prestige sparkling wine your consumer-clients choose with regularity and confidence,” says Business Development Manager Cynthia Faust.

Rack & Riddle’s Latest Private-Label Release

California Brut Sparkling Wine is newly released for private-label customers. It’s a blend of traditional Sparkling varietals artistically produced in the true Méthode Champenoise style, producing a rich, complex wine with fine bubbles. Tirage-bottled in early 2018, it is “non-vintage,” produced from multiple distinctive vintages.

Beautifully expressive, it expresses honeysuckle, pear and bright fruit in the nose. Creamy bubbles follow with a smooth finish that lingers with citrus notes and apple.

Retailers provide their own store-branded wine label design for product packaging and shipping.

Facts About Rack & Riddle’s Private Label Sparkling Wine Program

If you are a retailer looking to tap into the private-label wine market, listed are a few facts about Rack & Riddle’s Private Label Program:

  • Custom sparkling wine blends: Each client is given a personal consultation with winemakers to create custom branded sparkling wine blends.
  • Award-winning: Rack & Riddle sparkling wines consistently win Gold Medals and Best of Class.
  • Premium Méthode Champenoise: Private-label sparkling wines made with tradition — varietals vary.
  • Streamlined order process: Easy order process and expedited service.
  • High-demand product: Sparkling wine at great value that pairs perfectly with any occasion or season.

For more information about Rack & Riddle Custom Wine Services and to learn more about currently available varietals, contact business development manager Cynthia Faust: cynthia@rack& or (707) 433- 8400 x212.


With its expansion in 2014 to two new locations in Sonoma County, and the installation of a high-output automated production line, Rack & Riddle is proudly committed to providing pristine facilities where award-winning winemakers craft both still and sparkling wines. Rack & Riddle offers complete grape-to-bottle, base-to-bottle, and private-label wine programs. Their facilities house nearly two million gallons of stainless-steel storage and fermentation vessels. An exceptional winemaking team produces 1.7 million cases of wine annually. To learn more, visit Rack & Riddle online at, and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information, contact:

Cynthia Faust
Business Development Manager
(707) 433-8400 x201