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Elevate your winery’s portfolio with a touch of effervescence and lively flavor by adding Charmat sparkling wines. These in-demand wines are a delightful addition that are sure to engage your customers’ palates and add that sparkling allure to your collection. 

The Captivating Style of Charmat Sparkling Wine – Made just like your favorite Proseccos!

Charmat sparkling wine boasts a distinctive style that sets it apart from other sparkling varieties. Here’s what you can expect:

FRESH AND FRUITY: Charmat wines are celebrated for their bright, fruit-forward profiles. These wines burst with vibrant flavors of citrus, apple, pear, and delicate floral notes. They offer an approachable, lively character that pleases both newcomers and connoisseurs alike.

CRISP AND REFRESHING: With a finely tuned balance of acidity and effervescence, Charmat sparkling wines deliver a refreshing, palate-cleansing experience. They are the ideal choice for toasting and celebrating special moments.

VERSATILE AND ACCESSIBLE: The charming versatility of Charmat wines makes them a crowd-pleaser. Whether as an aperitif, a companion to seafood, or a sparkling twist on your winery’s signature dishes, they effortlessly complement a variety of occasions.

AFFORDABLE ELEGANCE: Charmat sparkling wines offer the allure of traditional sparkling wine styles at a more accessible price point, making them a perfect addition to your winery’s lineup.

The Charmat


The Charmat method, also known as the “tank method” or “cuvee close,” is a sparkling wine production technique that emphasizes freshness, fruitiness, and crisp bubbles. This meticulous process involves the following key steps:
BASE WINE CREATION: The journey begins with the creation of a high-quality still wine, typically using grape varieties known for their vibrant acidity and aromatic qualities. 

SECONDARY FERMENTATION: Unlike traditional methods, where secondary fermentation occurs in individual bottles, the Charmat process moves the base wine into a pressurized tank. Here, the winemaker introduces yeast and sugar to induce a second fermentation, producing carbon dioxide that naturally carbonates the wine.

AGING AND MATURATION: The wine is allowed to age in the tank on its lees, a process that enhances complexity and mouthfeel. The duration of this maturation period is carefully controlled to achieve the desired style and balance.

RACKING AND FILTRATION: After aging, the wine is carefully separated from its lees through filtration and racking processes, ensuring clarity and purity.

DOSAGE AND BOTTLING: The final touch is the dosage – a blend of wine and sugar – which determines the wine’s sweetness level. Once the dosage is added, the sparkling wine is ready for bottling, sealing its enchanting effervescence.

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